Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shoplook?

Shoplook is a mobile app that allows you to discover shops and products in local markets offering same or better than online price for the product you wish to purchase. Shoplook helps you connect with the nearby shops using locate or call options.

Is Shoplook an e-commerce app?

No. Shoplook does not sell/manufacture any products displayed on the platform. We help shoppers discover products from shops located near them.

Can I make the purchase from Shoplook?

No. Shoplook does not sell anything. Once you have discovered the product of your choice, you need to click “Locate Seller” after which Shoplook will help you to get directions to the seller’s shop.

Do I need an account with Shoplook to use the app?

You do not need to login/signup to use the app.

What product categories can I shop for using Shoplook?

We are always adding new product categories. Categories supported are shown on the home page of the app.

Does Shoplook support COD(Cash On Delivery) and home delivery?

Shoplook will connect you to a nearby retailer offering the best deal. All other terms of transactions, such as home delivery or pick-up, payment by cash or cards etc. can be worked out directly between you and the shopkeeper. Since we are connecting you to a shop in local market, we believe it is best for you to check out the product personally before making buying decision. As a buyer, you must exercise your usual judgement to buy or not to buy, as you do while shopping in general.

How to check product availability from a seller?

You can call the seller to confirm the availability of your desired product.

What if I do not find a product or shop I am looking for?

If you are unable to find a product or shop there are few things you can do –
Make sure you have typed the correct product name in your search query
We are a new company and we are trying to add more products and shops to improve your search experience. If you have any suggestions or would like to see a certain category of products please write to us at

If I need support, who do I approach?

Send mail to